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About Us

About D’EAUS Bath Fitting & Accessories

D’EAUS, as an Indian well-known brand in Bathroom fittings, was registered in 2009 in India, and a factory was set up in Gujarat.india D’EAUS, is today well-known manufacturers of Bathroom fittings products in India. The professional designers at Shree ganesh Traders ., design the products of individuation with modern features of water-saving and environmental friendliness. Not only Nobleness, but also Elegance is what our products represent. At D’EAUS Bathroom fittings, we have such a strong support with our clients who remain satisfied with us because of our high quality products. We present stylish and high technology sanitation products designed with comfort and healthy living concept to meet the modern living standards. Our Bathroom fittings products are designed exclusively to meet the needs of present day homes which have stylish interiors and require equally posh plumbing’s, fittings and Bathroom fittings too. At Sanso, we offer durable and yet affordable ceramic Bathroom fittings products to meet high end sanitation needs at various residential and commercial places. We offer a wide range of Bathroom fittings products like wash basins, water closets, squatting pan, urinals and ceramic Bathroom fittings products to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients. Contemporary wash basins equipped with the pedestals, classy range of rustic series wash basins and squatting pans, the most popular and elegant models of printed series and vitrosa series wash basins and squatting pans is what we proudly provide to our customers so that they can get the best for what that they have invested. With D’EAUS Sanitary, you are guaranteed to the best quality Bathroom fittings products which will give you satisfaction of quality along with the most important thing, cost effectiveness.